For overworked entrepreneurs who want faster results…

"What If You Could Cut AN ENTIRE WORK-WEEK From Your Month
—While Earning TWICE As Much Money?"

Yes, It SOUNDS Crazy… But My Students Do It All The Time—And So Can You.

It’s Not Only Possible… It's Predictable, When You Learn My “Millionaire-Maker” Formula
for Making an Extra $10,000 Per Week and Saving 2 Hours Per Day

Dear Entrepreneur,

We’ve all experienced the incredible frustration that comes with—

Getting “dayjacked.”

Now, I’m guessing you might not know what that word means.

But I bet you sure know what it feels like.

It’s what I call it when someone—or something—hijacks your day.

When someone else’s priorities become more important than yours.

When someone brings you one of their “fires” to put out. Or your internet goes down, or a pipe bursts or your kid gets sick.

And all the things you were going to accomplish get shoved to the side.

Surprise…. You’ve been dayjacked.

And if you’re like most people, it happens a LOT more than it should.

(Certainly more than you WANT it to.)

In fact, research shows that more than 5 out of 10 high performers like you are struggling to reach their full potential because of daily distractions. (And yes—social media is a big culprit.)


It can all feel so futile.

But here’s the good news…

There is a way to make sure that you NEVER get dayjacked ever again.

There is a way to get everything done on your to-do list… and more.

There is a way—a PROVEN way—to join that elite group of business owners who just seem to have EVERYTHING figured out… from making more money to having more time with their families to taking incredible vacations.

There is a way—a BETTER way—for you to make more and work less.

Can You Build A Six-Figure Per Month Business in Only 30 Hours a Week? My Clients Have—And Now You Can Too

Craig Ballantyne

Hi. My name is Craig Ballantyne.

I’m the author of The Perfect Day Formula, and the new Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Unstoppable. I’m also the owner of the popular success newsletter Early to Rise, as well as three other 7-figure businesses.

And I’m the creator of the Perfect Life Workshop—the one-day “power session” where I share the exact blueprint you need to double your income and work 10 fewer hours every week.

If you’re still reading this page, I have a hunch it’s because you’re a little bit like me.

Driven. Relentless. And willing to examine every potential breakthrough with an open mind.

If that’s you—and I bet it is—

I can confidently say that what I’m about to share with you will not only CHANGE your life…

It will completely TRANSFORM IT for the better.

Because listen, even though today I’m known as The Millionaire Maker and The Godfather by my coaching clients, I wasn’t always successful.

You see, I started my entrepreneur journey as a broke farm boy.

I was introverted and socially anxious—and I knew NOTHING about business. I just wanted to be a personal trainer and spend more time at the gym.

I also had a scarcity mindset and debilitating money issues from growing up poor—and I drowned them all by binge-drinking.

Then, even when I started having success, I self-sabotaged over and over again because of my irrational fear of losing everything.

But through years of hard work, I learned what TRULY “moves the needle” and leads to massive success for entrepreneurs.

And once I built my first 7-figure business at the age of 30, I decided to dedicate my life to sharing the secrets, systems, and structure that helped me overcome my flaws and step into greatness—so that you could experience the same feelings of financial freedom, independence, and peace.

We Doubled Our income and
Will Hit 7-Figures This Year

“Since working with you my fiancé and I doubled our income and will hit the 7-figure mark at the end of the year. We’re working fewer hours and not wasting time on the small stuff. And since getting the online coaching we’ve started traveling more than ever. I’ve already taken 30 days of vacation this year, including a 10-day trip to San Diego, a concert weekend in Arizona, a trip to Orlando, 4 days of fishing, and a week in Mexico. And we have another 60 days of travel planned for the rest of the year! More important, my fiancé and I have non-negotiable date nights every Thursday and Craig has helped me make time to coach my son’s hockey team every week.”

– Joe Arko, Top Fitness Business Coach


My first step was to write The Perfect Day Formula, the blueprint for taking back control of your time and focusing on what matters.

Today that book has been read by over 25,000 entrepreneurs and executives.

But The Perfect Day Formula was still, after all, “just” a book.

And it was basically just a “starter guide” for high-performers to get more done so they could make more money

So I wasn’t satisfied.

My research and experience showed that—book, or no book—high achievers like you were being held back by external and internal factors.

They knew how to get more done. (After all, The Perfect Day Formula told them.)

But they still didn’t know what to do to accomplish their big goals and dreams.

That's why I created the Perfect Life Workshop... A day-long mastermind session for you and five other high-performing entrepreneurs.

In just one day, I’ll take you through more than two dozen secret profit activators and little-known productivity tools—

All of them based on my 20 years of personal study and experience in working with thousands of business owners in dozens of industries.

As you’d expect, they’re precisely what you need to leave the day with detailed, custom blueprints for experiencing quantum leaps—both professionally and personally. And when you’ve experienced them for yourself, you’ll leave with the exact, custom plan you need for making more money and time in your life.


"This one day Perfect Life workshop was a game changer... and I've been working on myself and my structure for a decade. One breakthrough I got from this day is going to be worth $750K in new income over the next 12 months. I don't know of any other ONE thing that can give a person so much focus, clarity, and structure to live a perfect life and have a perfect business. Do whatever you have to in order to make it out to Craig's next event!"

— Bedros Keuilian
Fastest Growing Fitness Franchise in America


When You Find Out How Easy It Is to Implement These “Superhuman” Productivity Strategies, You’ll 2x Your Income and Slash 10 Hours Off Your Work-Week

And here’s the best part…

As I said, attendance in each workshop is capped at a maximum of six people. And that means everyone gets a chance to share and learn from each other in an intimate Mastermind setting…

If you have a challenge you’re facing, you can be SURE it’ll get addressed personally with a custom solution built for you.

Best of all you and your fellow attendees will have my undivided attention for 8 hours.

My 1-on-1 clients normally pay me $25,000 a year for that level of coaching—but in the Perfect Life Workshop, it’s all yours for a fraction of the price.

Ready to get started?

"I was a struggling trainer—I was so dependent on me working so many hours in order to make money. And I knew there had to be another way. So I attended the Perfect Life Workshop."

"But the things Craig’s clients said—I didn’t really believe them. ‘Are these guys actually making this much money? It’s just not possible every single month. Is it really going to work for me?"

"And now 2 million people have gone through my program, and I have control over my life."

"But it’s not just about making money, it’s that I live where I want to live, on a lake where I homeschool my kids. My husband no longer has to work 12-hour days at a finance job because now he’s home. That for me is the biggest breakthrough."

— Isabel De Los Rios
Founder, Beyond Diet


Your Perfect Life Starts Here —
In A One-Day Workshop With Me

First, we’ll get settled and introduce ourselves. You’ll quickly discover you’re surrounded by people just like you—high-achievers who aren’t content to settle for average results.

And after we’ve taken care of the “hi how are you’s,” we’ll eliminate the #1 source of FRICTION holding you back from reaching “the next level” in your life.

Hundreds, even thousands, of entrepreneurs and leaders see their plans die because of this critical but hidden roadblock.

But I’ll show it to you—and tell you exactly how to get past it—before the first hour is up.

Then, we’ll do a million-dollar masterclass on how to squeeze more juice, more profits, and more personal time from each week—to help you bring your dreams to life.

What would you do if you had complete freedom to work WHEN you wanted to… On WHAT you wanted to… With WHO you wanted to?

You’ll have that clarity after just a few short minutes—so you achieve massive results in the next 30 days.

It doesn’t matter if you want to scale your business to 7- or 8-figures (or more), fix your marriage, change the lives of over 100 million people (like me), write a best-selling book, build a business empire, or travel around the world.

Whatever it is, you’ll be given a step-by-step plan to domination—so you can achieve EXACTLY what you want in life in less time than you ever thought possible.

Seriously, you may have had “a-ha” moments at events before, but you’ve never spent one day that will end up being so profitable.

After going through just a few of my “Millionaire Maker” worksheets with my guidance, you’ll see that you are capable of so much more—and you’ll begin to crush the fears and obstacles in your way and blow throw them to achieve true greatness in your lifetime.

Best of all, before we even finish the morning, you’ll have discovered the TRUE path to success, wealth, peace, and happiness in your life.

But if you can believe it, we’ll just be getting started.

Craig’s 90-Day Blueprint Has Me On Pace to Make Over One Million Dollars in the First Quarter of the Year

"I started getting results as soon as I started working with Craig. I doubled my monthly income in 3 months. After that I continued to work on the 90-day blueprint we created, and I’m now on pace to do a million in revenue in the first quarter of 2019—all while working 15 fewer hours per week and traveling the world with my wife (Las Vegas, Italy, Dubai, New York, Barcelona, San Diego, and Tampa). Thank you, Craig, for transforming my business, my relationship with my wife (I tripled the date nights) and my life."

— Frank Den Blanken, 7-Figure Online Nutrition Coach, The Netherlands


After Lunch, You’ll Take What You Learned In The Morning—And Supercharge It To Build Your Perfect Life

Yes, we break for lunch to relax and recharge—and enjoy some FABULOUS food—while continuing to build powerful, supportive relationships with the other positive, high-performers in the room...

But soon we’ll get back to work in the afternoon session.

  • I’ll reveal the 16 Fast C.A.S.H. Profit Activators that are hidden in every business—and show you how to leverage each and every one.

    How much more money would you have to work with if you could drill into even one or two sources of untapped profit… Let alone more than a dozen?

    And no, these aren’t just silly slogans like “Find 20,000 people and sell them a $50 product.” These are real, actionable tips you can learn in the workshop—and then put to use the NEXT day.

  • I’ll show you how to build an indestructible Profit Pyramid in your business so you can earn MORE money while working LESS.

    Do you know how to take strangers and turn them over time into your best-of-the-best, “spend more than the other 99% combined” elite customers and clients?

    When you attend the Perfect Life Workshop, you will.

  • We’ll dive into my “10 Fewer Hours” Matrix to you show you that not only is it POSSIBLE to save 2 hours of wasted time every work day—it’s almost a guarantee that you will.

    You’ll see how ANYONE how to find an extra 120 minutes in EVERY day with just a few simple hacks…

    And this will be a massive game changer in your personal and professional life.

  • We’ll plan out the next 90 days of both your professional and personal life to help you achieve maximum productivity.

    But because of the way our achievement-oriented brains work, I won’t simply have you promise what you’re going to do in the next three months.

    When I say “plan,” I really mean it—down to helping you decide what you’re going to do when you wake up the very next day.

    Bottom line: You’ll know exactly what milestones you need to hit in 24 hours, 72 hours, 7 days, 14 days, and 21 and 30 days in order to get quick win after quick win.

By the end of the day, you'll have all the skills, all the techniques, and everything else you'll need to achieve extraordinary results.

You’ll leave with the confidence that your “dreams” aren’t just dreams anymore—because you’ll have the tools you need to consider them a wonderful future that simply hasn’t happened yet.

You WILL come away with big goals—and a rock-solid plan for achieving them.

And we’ll have systematically destroyed the evil temptations, the annoying distractions, the troubling anxieties, and the biggest obstacles that are in the way of you getting exactly what you want for yourself, your family, and for the other people you care about.

Yet here’s what makes the Perfect Life Workshop TRULY life-altering…

You’ll also walk away with the accountability you need to succeed.

Because we’ll finish the day by completing a Commitment Contract—where you promise me what you’re going to get done over the next 12 months…

And then for the next 12 months, you’ll receive personal email coaching and accountability from me to keep you on track to achieving your big goals and dreams.

So not only will you have absolute clarity on how to get EXACTLY what you want in your personal and professional life...

And a precise 30-day blueprint in place so you get faster results while working less…

But you’ll be safe in the knowledge that I’ll be with you every step of the way, making sure that the next 12 months of your life bring you unimaginable personal and professional success.


Meet Some of Our Top Success Stories

Jason Capital

"You uncover and discover all these ideas and answers that are just waiting for you, almost like gold just mine them out and then put them into actions. This workshop really takes your one-to-three years of getting there and it compresses it in a few short hours."

Mike Westerdal
Entrepreneur and Author

"The workshop was so amazing because it was customized for each person based on their goals and challenges. I now have more all-day energy and focus. Even my wife has noticed a big difference!"

Dr. Kellee Rutley

"The Perfect Life Workshop is the thing that solve the mindset that was setting me up for that kind of frustration and fatigue and burnout."


Megan Kruger
Entrepreneur and Author

"The Perfect Life Workshop was incredible. Craig gave me the perfect plan for my life and made sure all of my actions were congruent with what I want out of my life."

Brian Stecker
Military veteran, Entrepreneur

"The Perfect Life Workshop was one of the best things I've ever done for myself, my business, and my relationships."

Jim Moyna
Ret. Marine, Fit Body Boot Camp owner

"I read your book, Perfect Day Formula, loved it, and knew I had to do more."


Josh Carter
Creator of 2XR Fitness

"Help me see how I've been in my own way and how I can create systems and structure my day, and my life so that I can achieve goals that I previously thought were out of reach."

Bryan Harney
Owner & Founder of Southside Knockout Training Center

"The Perfect Life Workshop completely changed my life in literally one-day! When I went to the workshop in just one day I was able to get a clear vision on how not to separate the two (work and life balance), and keep those two aligned."

Cara Eckerman
7-Figure Entrepreneur and Community Leader

"I went in with high expectations but I was completely blown away at all the breakthroughs that I had... I'm on pace and on track to already succeed and excel in all the goals that you helped me set."


Zander Fryer
Success Coach & Entrepreneur

"It really helped me clarify some things in my business and my personal life that I clearly needed to change and actually helped me take the first steps to actually making those changes and bring them to reality."

Erin Nielsen
Founder of

"It really truly was life changing and not just for me but for my family too. My husband finaly said that he has his wife back."

Bryce Henson

"It was incredible! He's a great accountability coach. Diving into the workshop was really deep. The analysis was awesome it will give you a clear understanding of my goal, objectives and what you wanted to accomplish this year and the coming few years."


Jason Maxwell

"Not only did we figure out an exact customized plan for myself, for my dating life, my social life, and for my business ... on top of this Craig pushed me to think hard about what my absolute goals are for the future."

Tim Larkin
Founder of Target Focus Training, Author of the best selling book "Surviving The Unthinkable"

"This is super focused, anybody who's just at that point where you have a sticky point in your business or you just need a little bit of support, this will absolutely guide you, give you that plan that you need and get you going."

Vince Del Monte
Best Selling Author of Living Large

"The kids will be grown up before we know it, and our family is valuable, and we just need to get clarity on our vision"


I’m a World-Renowned Leader In Several Industries Who Has Made Multiple 7-Figures Three Times Over—And Improved The Lives Of More Than 13 Million People… And Now I Want to Help YOU

I’ve traveled to over 47 countries and counting.

Along the way, I’ve coached thousands of high achievers - and that’s why I’ve earned the titles of The Millionaire Maker … and The Godfather (because of my longevity and connections).

Some of my clients have started as schoolteachers and become multi-millionaires… or gone from living in their mom’s basement to owning a 7-figure business and living the life of their dreams, traveling the world and impacting hundreds of thousands of people.

Others have risen to the top of their profession and become internationally respected leaders, professional speakers, and best-selling authors. I’ve even coached some clients to find the love of their life and finally solve that missing piece of the puzzle.

And while working with them I’ve come to one major conclusion:

If I can do it and they can do it, then YOU can do it too.

And now, with the Perfect Life Workshop, you can do it better, faster, and easier than you ever thought possible.

You’re just a day away from living your best life.

Because when you join me in the Perfect Life Workshop, you’ll finally have what it takes to control your time, own your days, and living the dream you desire and deserve.

It’s my life’s mission to make that happen.

All you need to do is show up and take action.

Are you ready for your Perfect Life?


Best. Year. Ever.

“I've had the best start to a year since opening my business 7 years ago. I'm more confident and consistent in my approach to everything. The coaching and accountability have been a game changer, and the introductions Craig has made have been fantastic – thank you! The best part is that we are just getting started.”

— Stacey Copas, Author & Corporate Keynote Speaker, Sydney, Australia

$1,000 a Day While Traveling the World

“Craig helped me grow my business and showed me how to make money on social (I am up to nearly $1,000 per day). He also helped me navigate through some tough times in my personal life. His online coaching has been priceless.”

— Rob Hanly, Business Consultant, International Man of Mystery

More Money Than Ever Before

“Thanks to Craig and his program, I am making more money than ever (over $12K per month) – but more importantly, I also have more time than ever and am able to have dinner with my family every night. Plus, I’m working 10 fewer hours per week, and my wife and I have been having at least one date night every week!”

– Ron Mourra, Online Coach and Former Struggling Personal Trainer in Canada Who Went From Zero to Five Figures in 90 Days

Guilt-Free Family Time

“Craig has helped me spend guilt-free time with my family. I have learned to schedule my tasks for work AND schedule in time away from work. This has allowed me to be present with my family and not feel stressed out or like I’m neglecting something at work. Plus, he has helped us grow our coffee subscription business thanks to his social media marketing system.”

– Danny Lehr, Entrepreneur,

Craig Has Guided Us to 10X Growth in 6 Months

“I had recently decided to move from a job in the public sector with limited income opportunities, to running my own business, because I believed in what was possible. The reality is that success is not as difficult as some make it seem IF you have a mentor who can provide clarity and direction. Craig's coaching has transformed every aspect of my life. By distilling down my daily activities and directing my focus and energy to the areas that are responsible for massive growth, we have been able to 10X our business growth in under 6 months. My team has grown from 4 to 15 and we are expanding daily. Working with Craig has provided the focus and direction to live the life I have always dreamed of and to grow beyond what I ever thought possible.”

– Todd Lamb, 8-Figure Entrepreneur

More Money, More Time, Less Work

"I‘ve been a top producing realtor for 16 years but I always worked too many hours. Craig's coaching has helped me make more money, spend more time with my kids and have more time to exercise. As a result, I‘m more fit both mentally and physically at 50 than ever. The accountability helps me to stay on track and saves me a lot of time, energy and money."

– Asdis Osk Valsdottir, Top Real Estate Agent, Iceland

More Done in 4-6 Hours Now Than
When I Was Working 12-16 Hours a Day

"I was always chasing my tail but wasn't getting my most meaningful work done. Now I get far more done in 4-6 hours than I did when I was working 12-16 hours a day. I'm happier, more financially successful and have the time to do more of the things I love. Craig's coaching program has added at least $300,000 to my bottom line."

– Jason Ferruggia, Author & Top Podcaster, Santa Monica, California

Six-Figure Personal Income — Finally!

“Our gym revenue will break 500K this year. This was a big goal of mine. My personal income will be over 6-figures. Plus, I’m more present at home and have found structure in my days.”

– Cody Smith, Gym Owner and Dad of 3, Washington State

Taking My Life to the Next Level

“Craig, you have helped me take control of my day to a whole new level. This has had a compound effect in many areas. I am growing my business, reading more, becoming a better leader, and having more clarity on what matters. But there is always another level to be achieved. I'm nowhere near my full potential, but starting each day off with a win and momentum has been a game changer. I appreciate all that you have helped me with tremendously.”

– Rob Grupe, From Prison to 7-Figure Entrepreneur, Oklahoma

Perfect Days, Perfect Week, Perfect Life

“Since working with Craig, I have achieved the mythical work/life balance. I have my Perfect Week schedule and we stick to it consistently. My business revenue has stabilized through 2 partnerships that Craig helped me negotiate the deal terms for. My life feels like it is firing on all cylinders: business, relationships, health, and happiness.”

– Tyler Ryan, Software Entrepreneur


Are YOU Ready To Design Your Perfect Life?

When your application is accepted, you can get started with one low payment and then four more monthly payments.

Or invest in a Pay-In-Full plan and instantly save $500!

Either way, your investment is protected by our unique 115% money-back guarantee.


(Convenient & Affordable)

5 easy payments of $1500


(Save $500!)


You’re Protected With Our Risk-Free,
115% Guarantee

The methods I’ll show you in the Perfect Life Workshop have been proven to work again and again.

I’m extremely confident that if you do the work and stick with the changes you make, you’ll see incredible results.

So confident, in fact, that I’m willing to back up my words with what I call a risk-free, 115% guarantee.

Here’s how it works…

If for whatever reason you DON’T feel you have the potential to double your income and work ten hours less, just let me know during our lunch break.

I’ll be sad to see you leave, but I’ll wish you the best—and happily return every dollar of your investment…

PLUS I’ll reimburse your travel expenses—up to a full THOUSAND DOLLARS—to cover the cost of you coming to the workshop.

100% of your investment back, PLUS travel expenses, equals 115%. That’s how sure I am that the Perfect Life Workshop will transform your business and your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

how is this different from the perfect day formula book?

Great question. The PDF book is a mere starter guide for high-performers. My research and experience has shown that thought leaders like you expect extraordinary results in all areas of life, but are being held back by both external and internal factors.

That's why you need to get coached through the 11 success tools at the workshop so that you can grow your business faster and make more time for what matters in life. We’ll crush the obstacles in your way with techniques that are too advanced for the general population, and that can only be fully utilized in a private, in-person setting like the Perfect Life Workshop.

is this business coaching or life coaching?

This is NOT “life coaching” and I am not a life coach. However, you'll leave the workshop with the exact day-to-day blueprint you need to achieve your big goals and dreams.

Likewise, we’ll create the exact 90-day sales and marketing strategies you need to double, triple, or even 10X your income and to get to the next level in your business.

But fair warning: This isn't a bunch of "touchy feely" trust exercises that just leaves you with a few positive affirmations or Law of Attraction tips. Nor is it sales training or a bunch of marketing advice that you could have found in a $20 book.

Instead, the Perfect Life Workshop is about implementing proven success systems and structure into your days so that you finally have True Time & Financial Freedom™ in your life.

These systems are based on my 20 years of personal study and experience in working with high-performers like you. You'll leave the day with detailed, custom blueprints for experiencing quantum leaps both personally and professionally

Can I bring a partner?

Yes, for just 50% of the regular registration price you can bring a business partner or your life partner - pending my approval after you and I discuss your past obstacles, present situation, and future goals and dreams. In some cases it is best to work with each person one-at-a-time.

Is the Perfect Life workshop confidential?

Absolutely. What is shared with me stays in the room. Your fellow attendees value their privacy, just as you do. However, during the event we'll all benefit from being open, honest, and vulnerable about your struggles and our strengths.

And yes, I'll be sharing too. By the end of the first hour you'll know more about me than most of my closest family members! But I feel comfortable sharing knowing that nothing will leave the room.

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